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What constitutes an Audit - This office perception

An  Audit  should  not  be viewed as an monotonous exercise to wade through  religiously number of documents and translations.

It should be  seen  as an opportunity to help the clients in  preventing revenue  leakages suggesting  implementable  and  practical   cost   control  measures , suggesting  good implementable internal control  procedures, suggesting ways and means to legally and ethically augument the revenues of the company etc.

The   list   could   be   endless   to   ensure that the management starts viewing audit as a positive and indispensable tool  for  improving  their  organizational  efficiency  and  the bottom line.

In short,what is suggested is that the audit staff involved in various assignments should  view  client   company's  as  their  own  and  get   totally  involved  and dedicated to the work assigned with an analytical thinking.

Take  it  for  granted  that  once  any  staff  approaches an audit with the above mindset, benefits out of an  diligent  audit  to  the  clients  would  automatically start flowing slowly but steadily.

Clients ,   these   days    look    upon  auditors  to  be  proactive ,  positive  and constructive.

Anything  done  to  further  their  organizational  efficiency is most welcome to them.

If the sincerity and commitment to the  Audit  is  amply demonstrated followed by issues  which  are  critical to the bottom line  of any organization, the Audit, the  Auditors  and  their  staff  are   treated  with  utmost  respect  for  excellent display of professional competence.

An  diligent  and  involved  Auditor  would not draw a line for an Audit and say this is what I  have  learnt  from  the  books as Audit and will not go any further even it proves beneficial to the clients.

Alternatively , a  diligent  and  involved  Auditor  would  not  say that given the fees, this would be my scope.

No  Auditor  or audit staff should link fees to the quality of service that could be rendered.

Render   qualitative   and    meritorious    service    and    fees    and    rewards commensurate would automatically follow.

The  Auditor  should  through  his  qualitative  work convey to the management that his/her/their fees is well justified and should  not  let  an  element of doubt linger in the minds of the management otherwise.

If  the Auditor  is  convinced  about  his /her / their  views  are  irrefutable on a particular issue be it on  legal  or  ethical  grounds ,  the  Auditor  should  stand steadfast on such principled  issues while at the same time explaining in detail his/her point of view to the clients with utmost clarity and backed by sound and well documented evidences.

Any  Auditor  should  try  to  derive  respect  from  the  clients  based on his/her absolute knowledge of the subject handled.

The  clients  should  start  feeling  that  their  interests are well protected in the hands of such Auditor and that is possible  only  when  the  Auditor  displays  in abundance his professional skill/acumen.

The staff should be trained to carry out a well documented and thorough Audit. Communication skills, dress culture, commitments towards a given job, ethical and balanced interaction with clients, ability to do a purposeful audit with in a time bound programme should be continuously monitored to bring out the best in them.

Salary  and  incentives  should  be  attractive  enough  to  lure best talents and should  be  reviewed  upwards   or   downwards   depending   on   each  one's performance over a period of time.

Working  timings  should be made convenient to enable staff to have adequate time  to  attend  to  their  personal work too in addition to giving their best and absolute time to quality work whilst at office.

The Auditor should enjoy a good rapport  with  the  staff to ensure that there is no deviation  from the  ultimate  objective  and scope  of  Audit. Further , the Auditor should appreciate every sincere effort of the staff as it would serve as an impetus to growth.

An   Auditor  should  not  hesitate  to  voluntarily  give  up  an  assignment if by continuation, the professional standards are going to be jeopardized  or  if  the client do not value and reciprocate the involved and committed  efforts  of  the Auditor to bring about  a  practical  and  viable solution  to  the  various  vexed problems confronting the client. 

An Auditor should keep away from issues of the clients that would be unethical or  unprofessional  to  involve  oneself  or  to  render services that would dilute professional standing.

The general perception that Audit is a postmortem should be done  away and one of the ways to achieve that is to carry out an Audit  on the above lines is what this office strongly feels and opines.